My Daily Strength


  • I am Thillai from Coimbatore. One of my Christian friends gave me this book “My Daily Strength” in the year 2009. I was vexed of my life because of family issues and I was about to do something to my life. I just casually went through the book and in of the pages I read what was just happening in my life. I changed my mind and started beginning to read the Bible. God changed me and the situation at home is also changed. I praise Jesus.- Bro. Thillai Amman, Coimbatore (India)

  • Shirley here from Andhra Pradesh. I was frightened to face my future because of so many tensions in my life. The daily Bible reading gave me an insight what the love of God meant to everyone and to me. Now I am happy and am ready to face my future.- Shirley Jones, Hyderabad (India)

  • I am terrified to face the year 2011 because the last year was a dreadful year for me. Actually I did not want to see this year. My uncle presented me “My Daily Strength” book on the 31st Dec 2010. I never waited for 1st Jan, but started reading immediately and was strengthened by the promise from Exodus 34:10 and the title “I will do marvels”. Truly the LORD started doing marvels in my life and I am enjoying my life with Jesus. God bless.- Timothy Powen, Mumbai (India)

  • I am Pankajam from a staunch south Indian religion and I used to attend at least three places of non-Christian gods. I had a severe stomach ailment and I was praying and doing poojas to various gods but it got worse day by day. One day I casually went to buy greeting card from a Christian shop and there I saw a book with an Eagle picture and it read “My Daily Strength”. I do needed strength and the word “strength”attracted me and I got the book and began to read. Some kind of divine intervention entered my body and I was healed. Now I am fine. Thank you Jesus. Amen.- Mrs. Pankajam Valli, Sriperumbudur (India)

  • I praise God for “My Daily Strength” as truly it gives me strength from Jesus Christ through every word, every day, every week and for every month. This is the work of God. Please continue to do and let this ministry be blessed. I prayed and distributed few books in my Church.- Pas. Perinba Raja, London (UK)

  • I am Tharushi from Srilanka. I wanted to buy a daily Bible reading from my daily meditation. I looked in the Book shop and the owner said that there is a blessed book. I did not believe first but when I read the first page message for this year 2011, it thrilled me. Truly every word was directly addressed to me and I am experiencing a blessed year 2011.- Tharushi, Srilanka

  • Greetings from Kuala Lumpur. I am doing a small ministry in Malaysia. The Word of God on January 25th really touched me because I was like Mordecai, neglected and thrown off. But as read, the LORD JESUS CHRIST strengthened my faith and now God lifted me up like Mordecai and now I am a pastor in a small church in KL. - Pas.Hakim Malik, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

  • Everyday morning before I begin my day, I look for the promise for the day, which I get from “My Daily Strength”. This is only the work of the Holy Spirit and may God bless this ministry for His glory.- Dhanyasingh, Jamshedpur (India)

  • You are a source of blessings in bringing out spiritual truths in a simple way for everyone to understand right from a small boy to the elderly person. Keep up your good work and let this ministry of Literature be blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ.- Pas. Aaron Mcarthur, Dallas (US)

  • Salutations! A member of mine gave your book to me which I find is really soul inspiring and points out the way of God and his principles in a well-mannered way. I will indeed recommend this book to my congregation members. God bless.- Rev. Edward Kenny, East London (UK)

  • Thank you for sending me “My Daily Strength”. Every day’s message is a blessing to me and to my family. Please write more books as God has given you the gift of writing. God bless your works and may He enlarge your borders for the extension of Christ’s Kingdom. - Bro. Panicker, Kerala (India)

  • “My Daily Strength” is our favorite book that we read every day. Even my small son has his own individual copy and he delights in reading it. It is really a source of blessing and it is the divine will of God that you have brought forth this book. May God bless your efforts.- Teresa Ha-Na, Singapore

  • Greetings. The joy of reading “My Daily Strength” is tremendous. It really inspires me to follow the footsteps of Christ inspite of the various trials I am facing every day in my work spot. Sometimes even my colleagues read this book and they say it is a blessing for them.- Mursalina, Singapore

  • I am a fellow servant of God’s Kingdom and I have come across many divine devotions written by famous men of God. But “My Daily Strength” is very simple and every word touches my heart and I long to read it every day as soon I wake up. Bring more books for youth and children.- Ae Sook, South Korea

  • I am Ramani from Trichi, South India. My aunt gave me this book to read every day. Though I am not a Christian, I do read it every day and I can visualize God speaking to me directly. It is a blessing to me personally and many of my friends desire this book and they have asked me to give it to them. Thanks.- Ramani Manohar, Trichi (India)

  • I am Shanmugam from Shenkottai. I am not a Christian but I have faith in Christ. My friend who is a believer of Christ gave this book. I read it every day and the words really comfort and I receive a kind of peace that I do not get in this world even when I watch cinema. Thank you Anna.- Marco Peter, Austria (Australia)

  • Raphael from Malaysia penning these few lines. 2010 “My Daily Strength” brought tremendous blessings to me. When I am down in my spirit I not only read the day’s message but go through the yester pages and get inspiration and strength. I am blessed brother and please send me the copy for the year 2011 when it is published.- Raphael, Malaysia

  • Loving Greetings. I am 80 years old mother from Delhi. I have 14 grandchildren. Every day I gather my grandchildren and I read it from the book “My Daily Strength”. It is very simple, up to the point and boasting for the soul. God bless you son,- Neena Rodney, Delhi (India)

  • Salutations! Senthil from Chennai. I was one of the blessed few who bought “My Daily Strength” in the year 2007, as it was launched in October as a monthly issue. I was going through a path of depression. Just like that I picked it from my friend’s house and the time I started reading it, a sort of soothing effect I had which I feel now it is God’s divine presence. I am now the regular reader of this precious gift of God. I praise God.- Senthil Gunanathan, Chennai (India)

  • I thank you for the gift you gave me on my birthday when you visited US in May 2008. The gift was "My Daily Strength". Really though I am a Pastor for many years and have read many books, your gift to Christian brethren is simple, appropriate for the day and a blessing. Keep it up.- Pas. Bruce Brooks, USA

  • I am Kumaramangalam from Kandy, Srilanka. It is my daily practice to read "My Daily Strength" and praise God it is such a source of blessing to me and to my family members. God is good and uses His children like you to be a blessing for others. God bless u Sir.- Kumaramangalam, Sri Lanka

  • Thank you for all your prayers and the Book, “My Daily Strength”. It is a source of encouragement, strength and confidence for me to face my daily challenges in life. May God bless you and the ministry of “My Daily Strength” and use you mightily in the days to come.- Johnson Raju, The Nilgris (India)

  • This is a very small token not compared to the big blessings, promises and directions through the reading of “My Daily Strength”. I thank you so much and pray that God will bless you, your family and the His ministry that He has placed in your hands. May God’s grace, mercy and favor be your portion in everything that you do for the glory of God.- Ruby Emmet, Chennai (India)

  • My family and I gain immense strength, inspiration and spiritual blessings through our reading of the “My Daily Strength” every day during our meditations and prayers to our Almighty God.I congratulate you and the team of “My Daily Strength” on this publication which is truly a spiritual inspiration.- Jacob Suresh. S, Chennai (India)

  • Thanks to God for His gift of His servants and you are His special gift in bringing out this daily Bible companion which is a blessing to thousands who come across it every day across the globe and I am one among the few who have received countless blessings and am still receiving His blessings. Not only I am drawing closer to God by reading this companion book everyday along with my Bible but I am gaining His strength after strength. God bless this ministry more.- Rev. Jayden Matthews, Australia

  • I am Laura from California, US. One of my Indian friends gave me your book, “My Daily Strength”. In the beginning I neglected as I used to read many daily devotionals from famous servants of God. Just like that one day as I was worried about something, the Spirit of God led me to read that particular day’s portion from this book and you won’t believe it portrayed exactly the situation I was going through and every word written was a blessing to me. - Laura Michelle, USA

  • Thothirams. I purchased “My Daily Strength” in one of the stalls in our Church at Colombo. I purchased a Tamil copy and the very first portion I read from March 1st thrilled me and every God strengthened my faith. I purchased few copies and distributed to the others. I would feel happy if it is translated into Singhalese language. God bless you and may this literature ministry be useful for many.- Balamugunthan, Colombo (Srilanka)

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