My Daily Strength

You are the LORD's seed -- Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

Scripture : '... they are the seed which the LORD hath blessed' Isaiah 61:9.

The LORD loves justice. He hates robbery for burnt offering (Isaiah 61:8). Those who follow justice and give proper judgement are the seed of God in whom the LORD delights. When their walk is justified by God, they are called the blessed of the LORD. They are the priests of the LORD and His ministers. They eat the riches of the Gentiles. Such are the blessings in which the LORD delights and He desires to give these to you today as you fear God and walk according to His commands. The LORD's power is manifested in the seed of His children. The LORD separates them from others. They are seen by everybody as God's anointed ones. They remain blessed always.

My dear child of God, be happy that God has called you and chosen you as His blessed seed. Instead of your shame you should have double blessings. Every confusion in your heart should be removed. You will possess the land that is before you. Everlasting joy will belong to you.

The LORD has kept lots and lots of blessings for those who fear Him and those who do justice. Satan hides all these factors and comes to deceive you. Do not allow him to take advantage of you, for if you give him a little room he will destroy you completely. You, the chosen of God should remain firm like Joseph and Daniel. Your blessings shall go on for generations. You will always be the head and not the tail. Resist the devil and all his thoughts. The door of blessings is always opened for you and the LORD will be your guide. Surrender yourself totally to the LORD and do justice to everybody.

Prayer : LORD, I will walk and practice justice. Amen.

Thought for the Day : Be just and become God's inheritors.