My Daily Strength

Priests, Levites blessed the congregation -- Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

Scripture : 'the priests, the Levites arose and blessed the people' 2 Chronicles 30:27

During the time of King Hezekiah, King of Judah, the land was blessed. King Hezekiah kept the Passover unto the LORD God of Israel and invited people from all regions to keep the Passover. The LORD was pleased as they celebrated and remembered the day when the LORD led them out of slavery in the land of Egypt. The whole assembly took counsel. They even added seven extra days of feast. There was great joy in Jerusalem. Since the time of Solomon, there had not been such a celebration in Jerusalem.

The priests, the Levites, blessed the people and their voice was heard. The prayers of the priests and Levites came up to God's dwelling place even up to Heaven. Is it not a glorious thing? When the people of the earth praise the LORD, the LORD hears their prayers and praise as He is seated in Heaven. The same God is alive today as Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. You too can become a blessing and even your family when you give unto the LORD what belongs to Him, your whole dedicated life, your offerings, keeping up your dedication before the LORD and maintaining purity before the LORD. The LORD will be delighted to reveal Himself to you.

The secret behind God's blessing is praise, worship, sanctification and dedication. As the LORD moved in the camp of Israel when the Levites and the priests blessed the LORD, you too as a family should join together lifting up your hearts with praise and true commitment in your heart. Then your blessings will come down from Heaven. Try today and see how the LORD moves.

Prayer : LORD, I will lift up my thanksgiving and praise unto Thee always. Amen.

Thought for the Day : The LORD desires to hear the praise of His children.